Adding an archive page to your Cobalt blog

To avoid slowing down the index page, there's a point where you need to limit how many blog posts you want to appear on screen. This in turn presents another problem, how do you then provide a way to display older posts? Enter an archive page!


front matter

extends: default.liquid

title: archive
path: /archive
route: archive


This is a quick work around until I've had a good think about a way to organise 
the archive.



{% for post in collections.posts.pages %}
{% assign year = post.permalink | truncate: 4, "" %}
{% if year == "2017" %}
  <li><a href="/{{ post.permalink }}">{{ post.title }}</a> - {{ post.content | strip_html | truncatewords: 25, '...' }}</li>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}


The template is placed in the root of your cobalt source dirctory. Yes it's a bit of hack, but I'm still playing around with the format. I think eventually I may even turn the archiving into a code generated process during build time.