Using Cobalt with GitHub pages

It turns out using Cobalt and your personal GitHub page is a bit trickier to setup. Your personal GitHub page as oppose to your repo GitHub page, must have the content in the master branch. Repository/Project GitHub pages can live in a subdir of default branch i.e. docs

This is not a criticism of Cobalt, but rather myself demonstrating my lack of git prowess.

The general gist of this how to, is that you place your Cobalt project in the source branch and then use cobalt import --branch master to transfer the rendered content to master.


git checkout -b source
cobalt init
# do cobalty stuff..
cobalt build
# commit, maybe even push to source
cobalt import --branch master
git checkout master
# commit, definitely push

If you want to check out my setup you can find it here.

Things I've not worked out yet

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