London Perl Workshop 2017

Almost a month a go, around the same time as Mozilla Fest, Neil Bowers put out a request for a Rust talk via twitter.

I would love someone to give an intro talk on #rustlang at #lpw2017
20 minute intro from anyone?

— Neil Bowers (@neilbowers) October 27, 2017

This was my first request for a Rust talk at a conference! I'm glad I didn't think too hard about that fact, as I suspect I would've been more freaked out!

The talk submission process, as well as the communications leading up to the event were excellent. One of the nicest emails, was tips for new speakers, it was like having a distilled version of Scott Hanselman's speaking tips.

I managed to attend two talks:

I was surprised at how much Regexp's character classes had expanded to accommodate unicode characters. I thought the class properties were very descriptive. It was nice to see Perl continue to evolve.

Sue's talk was about concurrency and the differences between implementation of a webspider in Go and Perl 6. It inspired me to have a go in Rust to see how comparable to the other two languages. I found Perl 6's syntax easier to read.

My talk was well attended, I managed to do my own take on the famous "Control/Safety" spectrum of programming languages. A few days earlier, I tested the talk on our local Rust user group and got invaluable feedback. Despite having to rejigging the slides I still managed to deliver the Introduction to Rust in time!

The people who I met at the conference were lovely. The AV staff and volunteers were incredibly helpful. I'd recommend submitting a talk for London Perl Workshop 2018!

My deck can be found at SpeckerDeck.

The video will follow shortly, I will update this post when it's available.