python tips

A random collection of Python tips, I also write Python code in MacOS and raspbian so you'll see tips for those platforms.

Docker images (python related)

pylint messages

to suppress # pylint: disable=invalid-name

to see a list pylint --list-msgs | grep -i W05

Returning something useful from a class

str method

class foo:
  def __str__(self):
    return “something rendered nicely”

SimpleHTTPServer for python 3

python3 -m http.server 8080


Panda’s probably a better fit because it can generate all kinds of tables (markdown, ascii, html etc)

If you need something quick use tabulate.

>>> list(zip(*table2))
[(1, 'A', '@'), (2, 'B', '$'), (3, 'C', '!')]
>>> print(tabulate([list(x) for x in zip(*table2)], headers=["i1","i2","i3"]))
  i1  i2    i3
----  ----  ----
   1  A     @
   2  B     $
   3  C     !
>>> table2
[[1, 2, 3], ['A', 'B', 'C'], ['@', '$', '!']]


downgrading to python 3.5.2 in homebrew

brew install
python3 -V
brew pin python3

switching back to 3.6.0

brew unpin python3
brew switch python3 3.6.0

updating python3 pypi

easy_install3 -U pip
python -m pip install —upgrade pip # better

upgrading pip (python2)

pip install —upgrade pip
pip install —upgrade setuptools

if it fails (pip’s a module, avoid using this unless you’re using debian)

apt-get remove pip
easy_install pip
pip install —upgrade pip