Learning about eBPF on macOS

I've created this is a short post to talk about a new GitHub repo that might be useful to some: vagrant-bcctools.

It's a simple Vagrant box using the latest (at the time of writing) version of Ubuntu (bionic) with the bcc tools package installed.

I needed a way to play around with eBPF on macOS locally. So before embarking on a fool's errand, I did some research. For details about my findings, see the repo's README.md.

I saw there was a Docker image, which doesn't work because I think it expects the underlying Docker host to be Linux base (volume mounts to /lib/modules, /usr/src and /etc/localtime).

The Vagrantfile provided by IO Visor is using such an old version of Ubuntu that a modern version of Vagrant seems to choke on it.

No doubt someone will point me to something that only requires xhyve (at me on Twitter or dev.to if you do know).