AWS DevOps Pro Certification Blog Post Series: Monitoring and Logging

This is part of the blog post series: AWS DevOps Pro Certification

What does the exam guide say?

To pass this domain, you'll need to know the following:

What whitepapers are relevant?

According to the AWS Whitepapers for DevOps we should look at the following documents:

What services and products covered in this domain?

Source: AWS DevOps - Monitoring and Logging page

What about other types of documentation?

If you have the time, by all means, read the User Guides, but they are usually a couple of hundred pages. Alternatively, get familiar with the services using the FAQs:

You're all expected to know the APIs

Before you panic, you'll start to spot a pattern with the API verbs.

And the CLI commands

There's no CLI for X-ray

As with the API, there are patterns to the commands.

Monitoring and Logging (yawn)

Monitoring and logging are what DevOps engineers do on a daily basis. We use the data from our logs to spot patterns, and the monitoring alerts to react to issues and mitigate outages.

It's not the most exciting topic to cover, it's a necessity for the role. I hope in future versions of the exam, this domain extends to Observability.

This domain contains the fewest services, but make no mistake CloudWatch integrates with so many services it makes sense to have a good understanding of the features it provides. AWS X-Ray if you've used similar products, should be an easier concept to grasp (famous last words).

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