AWS DevOps Pro Certification Blog Post Series: SDLC automation introduction

This is part of the blog post series: AWS DevOps Pro Certification

What does the exam guide say?

To pass this domain, you'll need to know the following:

What whitepapers are relevant?

According to the AWS Whitepapers for DevOps we should look at the following documents:

What services and products covered in this domain?

Shrewd readers will have spotted that these are part of Developer Tools suite in the AWS Documentation page. So why have I excluded CodeStar, X-Ray and Tools & SDKs? They're not critical to SDLC automation.

What about other types of documentation?

If you have the time, by all means, read the User Guides, but they are usually a couple of hundred pages. Alternatively, get familiar with the services using the FAQs:

You're all expected to know the APIs

Before you panic, you'll start to spot a pattern with the API verbs.

And the CLI commands

As with the API, there are patterns to the commands.

CI, see what?

If you're not familiar with SDLC automation, this involves the automation of the following:

Usually, the trigger to initiate these steps is a commit or merge to the master branch of your code.

The build and testing stages are often provided by a Continuous Integration service like Travis CI, Circle CI or Jenkins.

The deployment stages are handled by you guessed it Continuous Delivery service like Octopus, Azure DevOps (release pipelines) and often services that provide CI will also handle deployment.

Next, we're going to look at the Code Commit in greater detail.

AWS DevOps Pro Certification Blog Post Series